Arduino UNO

Ordered myself an Arduino starter-kit a couple of weeks ago. I know very little about electronics and wanted to learn some basics. When I say little, I mean next to nothing.

It arrived in the mail Two days ago and today I finally got a chance to play with it. the kit came with a breadboard, a riser card, some cabling, a couple of sensors, etc…

As “Hello World” app I set of to build a little room monitoring device for my son. Being restricted to whatever came in the starter kit I had the following toys at my disposal:

  • a bunch of LED’s
  • a light sensitive resistor
  • a temperature sensitive resistor
  • an LCD Screen
  • a buzzer

All in all, researching all I needed to know, downloading the necessary software, writing the sketch and wiring everything up took me one afternoon. This just goes to show how well thought out and designed the Arduino board is. It’s very straight forward, has a vast community and is completely open source.</end shameless plug>

Now I have to wait for my Raspberry Pi to arrive so I can build myself an HTTP based remote control for my house.

One Response to Arduino UNO

  1. I love the Arduino too. I have both the Mega 2560 and UNO for use in my new project: An automated bartender. Check it out on my wordpress blog:

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